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Huntsville’s Growth Continues

A major new business development is underway on the North side of Huntsville. Recently, the developer, High Grade Park, LTD., and it’s managing partner, Ben Bius, announced the first new owner of High Grade Park. High Grade Park is designed for business and light industry development intended to attract new or expanding businesses to the community. It is the first development of its kind in the Huntsville area due to the fact it is fully developed with engineered drainage, access, utilities, and offered “shovel-ready”.

“We are pleased to announce the soon to be built Husky Trailer statewide sales and distribution center,” said Ben Bius. This site is approximately 8 out of 53 acres in High Grade Park. Husky Trailers, a local company, was founded in the 60’s and is family owned and operated by the third generation.

High Grade Park is located at the intersection of Highway 19 and the North bypass of FM 2821. Recently, Interstate 14 was approved by Congress and will follow the Highway 190 corridor to Temple and Killeen. It is widely predicted that the new highway will find its way through Huntsville at this intersection. The developer and partners were successful in working with the City of Huntsville and Texas Department of Transportation to secure commercial access to the property.

High Grade Park was also identified in a study, commissioned by the City of Huntsville, as one of Huntsville’s “most prime location for retail development”. Bius added, “We believe that our corner property is ready for a major retail, fuel, food, and shop space development since we have been successful in securing the right access to the major highway system.” To view The Buxton Analysis visit

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